First Look: 30-Minute Music Hour New Season, New Set

We taped the first episode of the new season of 30-Minute Music Hour in the Wisconsin Public Television studios today. The show, featuring the very fine sounds of The Cajun Strangers, will be available soon to watch online. But, we wanted our online fans to be the first people to see the show’s all-new set in the photos below. Let us know what you think!

Watch full episodes from past 30-Minute Music Hour seasons and online exclusives now!

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3 Responses to First Look: 30-Minute Music Hour New Season, New Set

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  2. JT says:

    Is there a link on your site for music artists interested in applying to be featured on the 30MMH?

    Lots of questions: how far in advance to you produce? How to apply? How long does it take? Is it too late for 2015 already? What do you look for in an artist? I’m guessing you’ve already answered these and many more.


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