To be continued …

Well, without spoiling anything for those who haven’t watched the final episode yet, we can say with certainty that the Season 4 finale wasn’t as exciting as last year’s finale — but then again, how could it have been!


There was still plenty of excitement throughout and we certainly have things to look forward to in Season 5. Filming has begun, and the rumors about who Lady Mary gets closest to next season are already spreading throughout the web. If you like spoilers, they’re just a click away.

If you missed any of Season 4, or simply want to watch again, all eight episodes are streaming for free at until March 9. This is our last post and we welcome any feedback you have. Thanks for reading and for being a fan of Downton Abbey on Wisconsin Public Television.

Continue following the latest news from Masterpiece — including the return of Mr. Selfridge — by visiting the series website or by following on Facebook. One last thing before we go. Today (Monday, Feb. 24), you can join Downton Abbey’s Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith) for a live chat at noon. Carmichael will discuss Edith’s empowering and harrowing journey through Season 4, and answer your most pressing questions and comments.

Thanks again, and see you around!

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Gillingham or Blake?

When Season 4 began back in January, we knew it would revolve around Mary getting on with her life. She’s had quite a lot of luck and now has two suitable men vying for her attention. So who will it be — Gillingham or Blake, or are we in store for yet another surprise ending. Tune in to find out. The Downton Abbey Season 4 finale airs tonight at 8 on WPT!

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Are You a Superfan?

All good things come to an end… but the really good things come back — including Downton Abbey — which will return for a fifth season next year! This blog, however, will have its last post Monday, after the Season 4 finale. We hope you’ve enjoyed following along as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing you news about the show.

The cast and crew are already shooting scenes for Season 5 (more on that Monday). Even though our daily posts will end, whenever there’s important, entertaining Downton Abbey news, we’ll be sure to feature it on There’s also plenty of great behind the scenes video that we didn’t get to. Find more video clips here.

Thanks for reading The Daily Downton. If you’ve read this far, consider yourself a Downton Abbey superfan! But just to be sure you are, take the Superfan Quiz from Masterpiece, which automatically enters you in the Superfan Sweepstakes. The winner gets a Kindle Fire and Downton Abbey T-shirt and tote bag!


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Life Inside Highclere Castle

Highclere-CastleBy now, most people know Downton Abbey – more than just an elaborate film studio – is an actual estate that goes by the name Highclere Castle. One of the castle’s real-life residents is Lady Carnarvon, and she sat down with Masterpiece to answer viewers’ questions about what it’s like to live in one of the most famous houses.

Whether you live in a castle or not, it’s likely you’d seal off a few rooms if some of TV’s biggest stars were coming for a visit. Find out which rooms are used for filming and which are off-limits to Lady Mary, Carson, Lord Grantham and all of the cast in the following video. Click here to see more with Lady Carnarvon.

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Three Days Until the Season Finale

Counting down the days? Only three days until the Season 4 finale is here! Which means only two more days until our special Downton Abbey Evening party in Madison. Just yesterday, Masterpiece gave us the following behind-the-scenes look at the final episode on their Facebook page.


If that isn’t enough, here’s a scene from the finale, which gives us a look at Downton’s special guests, just arrived from America. The two-hour season finale airs Sunday at 8 on WPT.

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