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Going for U.S. Senate Gold

The four Republican primary candidates for U.S. Senate are in tough competition against each other in the race to win the right to campaign against Democrat Tammy Baldwin in the general election. But if they banded together, they’d make a pretty decent … Continue reading

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Washington Week / Wisconsin Vote Special

In recent times Wisconsin has swum in the backwaters of national interest when it comes to presidential elections. The rap is we’re a state that’s predictable for electing Republicans for nearly any office BUT President. Badger State voters have favored Democrats over Republicans for President in … Continue reading

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Voter Turnout

Within minutes of arriving to cover the Barrett election night gathering I asked Barrett Campaign Director Phil Walzak what he thought of the huge city turnout in places like Madison. In particular I was interested in the spike of new … Continue reading

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Dueling Polls

With only 13 days until the general recall election, the only thing competing for voters’ attention as much as TV ads are polls. Who’s up, who’s down. There’s another “who” involved. Namely, who did the poll? In the last week we’ve seen … Continue reading

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Primaries Galore

Some Democratic partisans are restless about what they sense is an unfinished field of primary candidates running in the potential recall election against Governor Scott Walker. The same cannot be said for Republicans and the field of candidates stacked up to … Continue reading

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