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Chatting up the Supreme Court

Last Friday, during the Here and Now Supreme Court Special, featuring a joint appearance with both candidates, I had the fun job of moderating an online chat on with our political reporter Zac Schultz and Wisconsin Public Radio’s Court … Continue reading

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Spam. Wonderful spam.

Some of the comments this blog receives I hope you never see.  That’s because often they are spam comments unrelated to the blog’s content solely intended to direct you, the reader, to some Website where you can spend your money.  … Continue reading

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Hello, America! Paul Harvey returns

If I ever found myself in a car as the hour approached noon, I would surely be scanning the AM radio dial hoping to find the right station in time for the oaken voice of Paul Harvey saying, “Hello, America, … Continue reading

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TV on Television

If you are a WPT member you may have already received the February copy of Airwaves.  Seeing it here at our offices, I was really struck by the cover picture promoting Pioneers of Television.  It’s a production still from the Dick … Continue reading

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You down with Downton?

It was with mixed feelings that I read a friend’s Facebook post: “What channel do I go to for Downton Abbey?” I’m happy she had picked up on the program that’s getting PBS so much attention, but surprised she seemed … Continue reading

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