Counting Down

Tonight on “Here & Now,” we interview Democratic candidate for Governor, Kathleen Vinehout. We also check back in with Democratic candidate, Tom Barrett, (after giving him half his time during a phone interview last Friday). Senator Vinehout was one of the “Wisconsin 14″ who left the state to stall passage of the contentious budget repair bill. Vinehout is running in an uphill battle against better-known candidates in the recall race — but she’s got moxie. Tom Barrett has been in the race for exactly one week and he, too, is fired up. He’s making another pitch for his fellow dem candidates to sign a pledge that they won’t sling mud at each other in campaign advertising. So far, candidates Kathleen Falk and Kathleen Vinehout, have declined to sign the pledge.
We also check in with UW Milwaukee Political Scientist, Mordecai Lee. He believes Presidential contender, Mitt Romney, will name Governor Scott Walker as his running mate! He’s got some fascinating points about why.
And the to get off the election train — we go to Northwest Wisconsin to take a look at what the new bridge spanning the St. Croix river between Somerset, Wisconsin and Stillwater, Minnesota will look like. ‘Great story by Adam Schrager.
And because we can’t say it enough: we’re hosting a recall election Democratic primary debate live from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. on May 4th! That’s in partnership with Wisconsin Public Radio, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and TODAY’S TMJ4. We’ve also set a recall general election debate for May 31.

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