Swing state

Frame of references always matter.

I remember when I was covering politics in Colorado and was interviewing an older observer of the state’s electoral history. I said something to the extent of, “The state’s becoming a swing state.”

After a slight pause and with a sly smile, he said, “Adam, we’ve always been a swing state. Glenn Miller grew up here.”

For those too young to know the reference, listen below.

But once again, I find myself in one of the most “swingiest” states of all, if you will, as a Presidential race approaches. Republican nominee Mitt Romney is due here on Monday for a visit on the heels of the first poll that I’ve seen that shows him ahead of President Obama. Rasmussen Reports, which Democrats always claim leans to a Republican bias, has Romney up 47-44, within the margin of error. This comes after exit polling during the June 5 recall election showed 18 percent of those who voted for Gov. Walker said they’d vote for President Obama. Bottom line, if you’re in the mood for swing, get ready for November in Wisconsin.

We were interviewing Prof. James Simmons from UW-Oshkosh today for a segment on Friday’s Here and Now and he indicated that nothing he saw from the June 5 recall election gave him any reason to think otherwise.

So, it’ll be likely that Gov. Romney’s visit will not be his last and that we can expect the President here in the future as well.


The one thing that stuck out to me about Gov. Walker’s Beer and Brat Summit from earlier this week was the desire to keep it closed to the media, so members of both political parties could “renew old friendships and start new ones with officials from both parties.”

Beer and Brat Summit (Courtesy: TodaysTMJ4)

I don’t know but with the helicopters hovering and the reporters and satellite trucks lingering, I’d be curious to see if that was accomplished. It seemed as if there were more media members there than there were lawmakers.

We’ll explore that concept on Here and Now as well featuring interviews with two freshman lawmakers who attended the event to get their take on how it went and on what comes next.

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