Drought Detail, Tribal Hunt, Beer Baroness and College Degree, Anyone?

Tonight on “Here and Now,” the Wisconsin Secretary of Agriculture gives us a year end assessment of the impact the drought of 2012 has had on the state, its crops and producers.
We hear from the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission about its desire to allow tribal members to night hunt for deer using lights, and the ongoing court case over that issue.
Also tonight, New Glarus Brewing co-founder, Deb Carey, tells us about her meeting with President Barack Obama and what she took away from it.
And on the topic of ‘College degree, anyone?’ we interview UW System President Kevin Reilly about the new “Flex Option” for getting your UW degree. Here’s a sneak peak: you don’t have to go to class.
Watch “Here and Now,” statewide tonight at 7:30 p.m.

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