Analysis of redistricting on last month’s election

There was a lot of head scratching about President Obama’s significant win in Wisconsin happening while Republicans won the state Senate majority and held the majority in the Assembly.

The fickle Wisconsin voter was a frequent caricature in reporting leading up to the election, described as fence-sitting and ticket-splitting.  But the supposed bipolarism of the state’s electorate — a state that elected liberal Tammy Baldwin U.S. Senator while reelecting a majority GOP Congressional delegation — has more to do with how the population is divided into voting districts than voters having split personalities.

The most thorough analysis to date of the effects of recent redistricting by the GOP-lead statehouse comes from Craig Gilbert’s “The Wisconsin Voter” blog on JSOnline.  Check it out for an explanation of what Gilbert terms a “paradox of Wisconsin Politics.”

Also, for a revealing graphic comparison check out  Kate Prengaman has created pie charts demonstrating how the number of votes cast per party is greatly disproportional to party representation in the statehouse and Congress.  For example, the Republicans enjoy a nearly two-thirds advantage in the Assembly, while in the last election Democrats overall received more votes.

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