End of Year Wrap Up

We have a special encore presentation of our End of Year wrap up show.  In this 30 minutes we’ll take a look back at some of the major political events of the last year in Wisconsin, some of which made national history, some only made state history.

We’ll also sit down with Governor Scott Walker for an in-depth interview at the Executive Residence to talk about the year that was, Gov. Walker’s priorities for the budget and why he wants to avoid controversy next year.

After that, we’ll hear from Senate Minority Leader Chris Larson, who will be a key player for the Democrats at the Capitol.  He’ll address why it’s hard to find Republicans he can work with in the Senate and whether the Democrats would consider leaving the state again to block legislation.

Finally, we’ll hear from Prof. Mordecai Lee and make him face some of his political predictions from last year and make some more for next year.

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