Rule Changes

One of the budget priorities Governor Walker listed over the last couple of months was reforming government, and while that phrase is generic enough to encompass a whole lot of things, one element of reform is streamlining the number of rules created by government agencies.

When the legislature creates a law, it often falls on the Department impacted by the law to write a series of rules that determine how that law will be implemented.  For example, if the legislature passed a law regarding air pollution, the DNR would create specific rules that regulate how the law is applied in reality.  The agency rules have the force of law behind them and these rules are often what lawmakers and business leaders are referring to when they complain about government “red tape.”

In his State of the State address Governor Walker released his Wisconsin Regulatory Review Report, and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Burlington) has vowed to go through each chapter of the rules and throw out the ones he things we don’t need.

You can learn more or submit feedback at the website created for the process at



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