Hole-y Regulations!

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is ready to cut the cheese. Cheese regulations that is. He cites state regulations on swiss cheese (including strict definitions of the size of the holes in Swiss) as  examples that should be reviewed in an attempt to streamline goverment and place fewer unnecessary burdens on businesses. 

The Swiss cheese standards, together with tens of thousands of other regulations, are contained in the massive Wisconsin Administrative Code.  They’re the kinds of things, says Vos and others, that, for no good reasons, drive up the cost of doing business. However one person’s regulation might be another person’s way of life. Here and Now Anchor Frederica Freyberg decided to take the Swiss Cheese regs on the road to see what they say about them in Monroe, Wisconsin.

Why Monroe? Because it’s the Swiss Cheese Capitol of the World. Watch for what one of the country’s pre-eminent Swiss Cheese makers says about regulating Swiss in Frederica’s report on this Friday’s Here and Now.  

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