State of the Union reaction, Medicaid Expansion

Zac Schultz here, filling in for Frederica Freyberg this Friday.

We are focusing on two issues tonight.  The first is reaction to President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night.  We’ll hear from Republican Senator Ron Johnson, and find out why he was comparing Democrats to Marxists at a speech last week.

We’ll also hear from Milwaukee Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D) who will give us some insight to what role the House Democrats can play in passing legislation.

In the second half of our program we’ll look at Governor Walker’s decision to reject the federal expansion of Medicaid, and what he plans to do instead.  We’ll get the details from Dennis Smith, the Secretary of the Department of Health Services.

We’ll also hear from Democratic Rep. Jon Richards of Milwaukee, about why he thinks Walker is making a poor decision.

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