Spam. Wonderful spam.

Some of the comments this blog receives I hope you never see.  That’s because often they are spam comments unrelated to the blog’s content solely intended to direct you, the reader, to some Website where you can spend your money.  Typically, these comments begin with a vague compliment to the post’s author, momentarily causing delight, then crushing it when the commentator abruptly transitions to a short anecdote about how someone they know found great deals on Versace handbags.  Sometimes, the comments even lack the effort of a segue, simply praising the blog writer for their insight and affixing an unrelated Web address at the end.

I was delighted over the weekend to find a spam author taking a different tact entirely–insulting rather than praising the blog author:

The next time I look over a sites, I really hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was eventually my choice to read, however I really believed you can have some thing unique to talk about. Many I learn is a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you ever werent as well busy looking for focus.

Well, dear commenter, you have given me some thing unique to talk about,and I thank you.  I hope this will be eventually your choice to read next time you look over a sites.  And I’m sorry if you feel I’m whining.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be so sarcastic, as the commenter did actually achieve their mission.  I had to check out the link and now know where to look should I ever desire Japanese handbags.

I also Googled the text and to the best of my understanding it is sample comment that comes from a so-called ‘black hat’ search engine software.  You use the software, if I am interpreting correctly, to populate your Web site with multiple comments so that it will appear to search engines to be more robust and active, thus raising it in search rankings to generate more visits and create more revenue.  Should I be insulted that this insult was not even original?

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