Slow Start to Legislative Session

Two years ago Republicans in control of the legislature rushed through bill after bill at the start of the legislative session.  By this time two years ago Governor Walker had already signed 9 bills into law, and the state was in the middle of an uproar over what would become Act 10.

This time around the Governor has not signed a single bill into law.  In fact, the legislature has been largely inactive.  The Senate has debated 3 bills and the Assembly has debated just two.  They have both passed a bill that would exclude veterinarians from the prescription drug monitoring program.  The bill has not yet been signed into law.  In 2011, Governor Walker signed his first bill on January 24th.

Both chambers have managed to pass a constitutional amendment that would ban transfers out of the transportation fund.  A constitutional amendment does not need to be signed by the Governor and will become law if passed in a statewide referendum.

The Senate will be in session Wednesday on the biggest piece of legislation so far, the mining bill.  Governor Walker and the Republicans made the mining bill a priority so if it passes they will promote it as their biggest accomplishment of the session.

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