Feeling the Sequester

Are any of you feeling the effects of the sequester?  No matter how large the federal budget may be, you can’t start pulling out millions (and eventually billions) without it hitting someone.

Maybe it’s too early, maybe I don’t travel enough or maybe I’m just missing the signs, but I have yet to see any effects of the sequester.

I’ve heard the warnings about furloughs, about layoffs and longer waits for all kinds of services.  But if I hadn’t followed the news I certainly wouldn’t know the sequester was under way.  Don’t get me wrong, the sequester matters, no matter what position you take on the politics of the issue, it’s an important topic.

Being able to see the impact of a policy has a tremendous impact on the politics.  The public can be warned for months about impending disaster (Y2K anyone?), but if it doesn’t happen right away we get a little cynical.

I think most people can agree if mass chaos broke out over the weekend we’d already see a fix in place.  But we don’t even have real negotiations.

It’s clear no one really knew what the sequester would feel and look like when it happened.  In the weeks leading up to the sequester both Republicans and Democrats danced around the question of what it would mean in terms of the economy and political fallout.  Now both sides continue to posture about fixing it, or if it even needs to be fixed.

Whether you see the effects in your life will determine what happens in Washington D.C.

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