Chatting up the Supreme Court

Last Friday, during the Here and Now Supreme Court Special, featuring a joint appearance with both candidates, I had the fun job of moderating an online chat on with our political reporter Zac Schultz and Wisconsin Public Radio’s Court reporter Gilman Halsted.  It was a little like watching a college basketball game with a couple of super knowledgeable fans, the type that really understand the strategy and can break it down for you.

The setting was different from the more formal debates we’ve produced in the past, something Zac appreciated since his take was most candidate’s opening statements were usually content-free, and their closing “the same, but with a bigger smile.”

Gil had been to a couple of the candidates’ more formal non-broadcast debates and so could bring some expertise in how Justice Roggensack and Professor Fallone were honing their attacks and counters.

Think about joining the fun on Friday, March 22 when Here and Now welcomes the two candidates for Superintendent of Public Instruction, Don Pridemore and incumbent Tony Evers.  You might just get schooled.

Oh, and when I asked Zac at the end of our chat if he had any closing thoughts, he wrote, “Just what I said at the beginning, only with a bigger smile.” Nice callback, Zac.



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