Public Schools Outscore Voucher Schools

A new report from the Department of Public Instruction shows voucher students in Milwaukee and Racine are not scoring as high on standardized tests as their peers at the public schools.

Statewide, 48.1% of students in public schools scored proficient or advanced in math and 36.2% were proficient or advanced in reading.

In Milwaukee Public Schools the rates were 19.4% for math and 14.2% in reading.  The rates were 12.9% and and 10.8% for students who used the school choice option to attend private schools.

In Racine, the rates were 27.8% and 21.6% for public schools and 24.1% and 19.5% for students in the choice program at private schools.  DPI officials say the numbers for the Racine choice program come from a very small batch of students tested.

This is only the third year students in the voucher program have been tested and compared to the general public and in all three years the voucher students have scored below their public counterparts.

Democrats are using this information to attack the expansion of the school choice program being proposed by Governor Scott Walker and a number of Republicans.  Of course, the Democrats don’t have the votes to stop expansion on their own, but there are a couple of Republicans in the State Senate that are concerned about the method used to expand the voucher program to other schools.

These test results will doubtless be a part of the continuing budget debate.

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