Tonight: Transportation and the Dalai Lama

Zac Schultz here, I’ll be filling in for Frederica Freyberg on this week’s show.

Tonight, we continue our Budget Watch series with a look at the Governor’s proposed transportation budget.  We’ll show you why lawmakers and transportation advocates are nervous about the amount of borrowing for road-building, and how the Governor is shifting debt and revenue around to fund his priorities.

Then we’ll talk with Professor Charles Franklin about his latest Marquette Law School Poll, including some timely numbers on how the public views borrowing for transportation and the options we have for funding our roads.  We’ll also hear what the public thinks of voucher schools and we’ll get the latest on Governor Walker’s job approval rating.

After that it’s off to the northwoods to get an update on the forest fire that burned 8,100 acres in Douglas County.  We’ll also ask if there’s any connection to a series of tornadoes that took down thousands of trees in that area two years ago.

Finally, we’ll end with a little wisdom from His High Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.  He was in Madison this week and stopped by the Capitol to give some advice on human values to the legislature.

Here and Now airs tonight at 7:30.

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