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Garden & Landscape Expo - Expo Photo Wall

Welcome attendees and encourage them to take a photo with their smartphone in front of the photo wall. Two volunteers work together at the photo wall.

Expo Photo Wall Job Duties

•Encourage attendees to take their photo in front of the photo wall.
•Take photos of show attendees using smartphone(s).
•Encourage attendees to post photos to their social media using hashtags.
•Direct questions to your captain as needed.
•Direct visitors to the location of classrooms, vendor booths, food stations, and other Alliant Energy Center facilities.

Expo Photo Wall Job Skills and Requirements

•Friendly and positive demeanor.
•Strong communication skills.
•Experience using a smartphone (iPhone and Android) to take photos.
•Aural acuity to hear and speak with visitors in an environment that has noise/distractions.
•Volunteers 16 and older may participate.