The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show - Quilt Exhibit Take-Down

Work in teams to locate quilts in the contest exhibit and return to exhibitor. Once this process is complete, carefully take down remaining quilts, collect equipment and pack items away.

Quilt Exhibit Take-Down Job Duties

  • Quilt Release Process:
    • Work with exhibitor to determine the size of the quilt.
    • Identify location of the quilt in the exhibit.
    • Climb a stepladder and gently hand quilt to exhibitor.
    • Direct questions to your captain as needed.
  • Quilt Take Down Procedure:
    • Place up to six quilts onto a flat bed sheet.  Roll into a bundle and place onto a cart.
    • Twist empty curtains and throw on top of horizontal bars.
    • Gather rolling pipe and return to rack. Designated volunteers will organize pipe and place them in the racks.
    • Collect ropes and S-hooks and place in appropriate bins.
    • Direct questions to your captain as needed.

Quilt Exhibit Take-Down Job Skills and Requirements

  • Friendly and positive attitude.
  • Physically able to stand and circulate throughout the exhibit to take down quilts and pick up equipment.
  • Able to routinely lift and move equipment weighing up to 20 pounds.  Some equipment may be non-standard size.
  • Balance and agility to climb a step ladder.
  • Ability to regularly reach your arms over your head to perform certain job duties.
  • Know and follow safety practices regarding lifting and use of step ladder and other equipment.
  • Ability to discern when to ask your captain for assistance.
  • Must wear white gloves during entire shift.
  • Volunteers 18 and older may participate; volunteers 5’5” and taller are preferred.
  • Flat soled shoes are required to use step ladder; flat sole and/or rubber soled, comfortable shoes are recommended for this assignment.

Volunteer Registration for this event will tentatively begin on Monday, July 06, 2020. Please check back with us.

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