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Pumperl in Trouble

Pumperl in Trouble

Devilius and Monti the Rat scheme about a devious new plan. Together, they lure Pumperl, Amadeus' sweet little dog, into the hands of a dogcatcher. They hope he'll be too busy searching for Pumperl to perform at the silver wedding anniversary of his friend Kati's parents. This would enable Devilius' nephew Mario, who fell madly in love with Kati, to take Amadeus' place (and his music). Unfortunately for them, the bad guys didn't count on Pumperl's cleverness. The Music: "Piano Trio in G" K. 564; et al. Additional Content: At the beginning of the episode, Amadeus plays a beautiful melody on the flute for Kati. Monti explains the flute's place in the woodwind family of instruments and shows the many different types of woodwinds, while viewers see images of a recorder, a transverse flute, a bassoon, an oboe and a clarinet and hear their sounds.

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