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Beef Cutlet

Beef Cutlet

In this episode, beef cutlets are introduced, a popular dish from the Kansai region, prepared in Rika's own style. This delicious dish consists of juicy world-famous wagyu beef, coated in crunchy breading to seal in the great flavor. The meat is cooked rare to bring out the best of the beef, and is served with a Japanese-style sauce made with soy sauce and wasabi. For the side dish, chef Rika makes akadashi miso soup with summer eggplant and tofu. Akadashi is made with bean-based miso, giving it a distinct aroma that makes it a great palate cleanser for a rich and fatty main dish. Finally, at the Chef's Personal Corner, she makes a salad with fragrant watercress, meaty mushrooms, and her special dressing, to go perfectly with the beef.

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