Act Now! Protect Your Public Media

An early outline of the proposed federal budget from the President calls for the complete elimination of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). If enacted, this cut would be devastating to public broadcasting across the country and would seriously diminish your public radio and television stations here in Wisconsin! Your voice will be important to the outcome of Congressional budget deliberations. 

Because you value the services of WPR and WPT, we invite you to join the conversation about the future of public broadcasting:


The President's budget eliminates public media funding. Call elected officials in the US Congress to make your voice heard.


Get involved with Protect My Public Media, a national effort to rally supporters of public broadcasting.

CPB is the source of WPR and WPT’s federal funding and totals more than 10% of our annual budget. CPB funding is important to our service in Wisconsin allowing us to serve the entire state with broadcast radio and television, online and educational services. Across the country, CPB funding is essential to the viability of scores of public radio and television stations. 

Through your support, we know that you value the WPR and WPT service that is now celebrating its 100th year. WPR’s Wisconsin-based news coverage and call-in programs are the 21st century version of the town square. WPT’s children’s programming offers a trusted place for kids to learn and begin their school readiness. In addition, our K-12 educational services, our focus on Wisconsin’s history and culture and much more serve hundreds of thousands of state citizens every week. 

It is because of your support that these services are as robust as they are; it is because of a modest but essential investment of CPB dollars that they are possible at all.

All of these resources cost each taxpayer in the United States just $1.35 per year.