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Quilt Expo - Raffle Sales & Information Desk

Give directions and answer questions about Quilt Expo using information sheets we provide. Sell raffle tickets.

Raffle Sales & Information Desk Job Duties

  • Provide visitors with general event information.
  • Direct visitors to the location of classrooms, quilt exhibits, vendor booths, food stations, and other Alliant Energy Center facilities.
  • Promote WPT raffle, sell tickets and give out correct change.
  • Direct questions to your captain as needed.

Raffle Sales & Information Desk Job Skills and Requirements

  • Friendly and positive demeanor.
  • Strong communication and pronunciation skills.
  • Enjoy working in a people focused environment.
  • Good arithmetic skills.
  • Be able to accurately add and quickly make change.
  • Aural acuity to hear and speak with attendees in an environment that has noise/distractions.
  • Ability to discern when to ask your captain for assistance.
  • Volunteers 16 and older may participate.

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